Offical Epos Now Reseller

Retailers are provided with an organic view of every transaction. No swapping between screens, all key information is present on the transaction panel, including items, prices, discounts and totals. The average transaction time is 27% quicker when operating Athena.

Athena features specialist hospitality functions. The new improved table plan provides a full overview of critical information at a glance, including table numbers, number of covers and wait times. The design is simple, readable and informative, empowering employees to provide high-quality service at an efficient pace. Bills can be split by table or cover in a matter of seconds, allowing you to take payment from your customers individually or in groups, improving the customer experience.

Epos Now’s newest release comes with unparalleled user support. There are volumes of extensive ‘GuideMe’ how-to guides available in the back office to meet all your troubleshooting needs.