VoIP is rapidly changing the way we talk, with Virgin Media now getting rid of Line Rental VoIP really can save you money on your phone bill. Here at Best IT Services we wanted to make VoIP even more affordable to every business, you may still have questions about how it works and be unsure so we’ve put together a couple of offers.

VoIP enables you to have multiple lines in your business/organisation where before with BT you’d only get 1 telephone line and if the line was busy customers would just get a beep. Our VoIP system means the phone will keep ringing as long as there are phones and people to answer. If everyone is on the phone GREAT! We’ll just keep the customers in a queue and apologies to them for the wait.

Features which would have before cost more such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting are now FREE and come standard with all of our VoIP Packages. Along with Voicemail to Email so you can get your voicemail out on the road.

See how our huge range of VoIP Phones can benefit your businessOur VoIP Packages come with a range of phones with High Definition Audio to make calls easier to hear and clearer. These stylish, modern phones also look great on your desks.

Check out our VoIP Telecom packages and find out how your business could benefit today by visiting www.bestitservices.co.uk/service/voip-telecoms/