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We have been providing cloud-based communications to businesses for many years. Our system empowers businesses to work smarter through a feature rich and flexible platform, that works anywhere with an internet connection.

Manage your account through a user-friendly online portal and make and receive calls wherever you are, removing the complications and helping you do business better.

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You guys rock! Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I wish I would have thought of it first. I am really satisfied with my first laptop service.


Working with Best IT Services has increased our sales and saved us money!


Owner, WDC Autodoors

Can VoIP really save my business money?

Yes. It not only cuts your regular phone bill by slashing call charges – especially with free internal site-to-site calls and for long-distance and international calls. Budgeting is simple as paying a fixed-price package means no costly surprises. It also saves you investing thousands to buy, install and maintain complex PBX hardware.

What do I need to make VoIP calls?

A broadband connection, an IP phone handset (which we’ll supply) or softphone application installed on a PC or mobile device. Using a softphone solution also requires a headset that you can plug into your PC.

What if my broadband is down, or there's no power?

Our intelligent Disaster Recovery solution instantly redirects calls to a mobile or alternative landline number.

How secure are VoIP calls?

Many large, industry leading organisations have invested in VoIP Technology to assist them in better serving their customer and reducing costs. Your security and data is of utmost importance to us. Our VoIP platform is a closed, data encrypted system, therefore only users you authorise will be able to access it.

Can a VoIP system phone anyone?

Yes. Whether it’s VoIP to VoIP, or VoIP to landline/mobile, you can take and make calls to anyone with a regular phone number.

Can I use my PC & VoIP Phone together?

Absolutely. In fact, VoIP streamlines the work environment, helping you and your people multi-task. It can link with other applications such as CRM systems. You can speak and simultaneously access other applications to transfer images, video and text documents.

Will switching to VoIP interrupt calls to my business?

Not at all. Revitalized Business Solutions know how critical phones are to your business, which is why our expert team ensure a seamless transition to your new VoIP for business system.

Will my VoIP system replace my current hardware?

Yes. Imagine how much space you will have after getting rid of an entire cupboard filled with a whirring switchboard and tangled wires.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

FREE Benefits include Music whilst ringing, Call Waiting, Voicemail to Email, Easy to Setup, Never miss a call, No engadged tone, Transfer to Mobile, Use a Phone or your PC, Easy to Use.

Migrating to a VoIP Telecoms system couldn’t be simpler, out expert migration team will do everything for you. We’ll do the final switch outside of your office hours to avoid customer disruption.